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Equities remain attractive, but it can be difficult to take advantage in today’s volatile market. Designed for investors who want the long-term return¹ potential of equities – but with less volatility, the 5 non-traditional strategies of NextGen Equity seek to reduce risk whilst maximising performance, even in tough market conditions.

¹ The sub-fund does not offer a performance or capital guarantee

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Focus on the Minimum Variance Expertise

Amundi Funds Equity Europe Minimum Variance and Amundi Funds Equity Global Minimum Variance offer exposure to the equity markets while limiting overall risk1. The management team favours quality stocks whilst closely monitoring risk exposure. Using quantitative optimisation tools, each stock is weighted according to volatility and market correlation criteria in order to minimise the variance, or volatility, of the portfolio.

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1 Please refer for further details to the prospectus of Amundi Funds. The sub-fund offers neither capital guarantee or protection nor performance guarantee.



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