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  • February 2013 : Key expertise Risk Management and In Depth Research

  • February 2013 : Amundi, a reference and long-standing global asset manager for insurers

  • December 2012:†Global Aggregate - Tapping value wherever it exists

    International government bond, corporate credit and currency markets offer a large and diverse investment universe. With multiple sources of returns the potential for strong risk-adjusted performance is still compelling. Find out more about this full cycle in this video interview.
  • November 2012 : Amundi, comited to serving insurers

  • October 2012:†Credit management at Amundi

    Amundi is able to provide tailor-made solutions combining all credit strategies and in particular to turn market inefficiencies into credit opportunities, to target undervalued corporate bonds and deliver high carry with decreasing risk. Our approach focuses on active management and systematically takes into account specific investor constraints (regulatory, fiscal and financial constraints).
  • September 2012:†Amundi Funds Bond Emerging Inflation awarded for Innovation

    Amundi Funds Bond Emerging Inflation was awarded for innovation1 by La Tribune, a French financial newspaper. In a new video interview, our inflation team explains just why the award-winning sub-fund - which aims to transform emerging countries inflation into a source of returns2 - is a strategy not to be overlooked.
    1. ďPrix de líinnovation des placements financiers Institutional CategoryĒ
    2. The sub-funds have no guaranteed performance or capital. Past performance does not prejudge future results, nor is it a guarantee of future returns.
  • August 2012: Risk management at Amundi, a broad approach to risk

    The risk department is composed of 150 people of diverse backgrounds to bring a broader view to this indispensable support function. Fund and risk managers interact on a daily basis in order to understand client needs, both explicit and implicit, as well as to identify future risks. †
  • August 2012:†Amundiís dealing desk at your service

    Implemented well before many of its competitors, Amundiís trading desk is at the centre of tactical management. This international, 60 person strong team contribute to performance by optimising trades and making the most of Amundiís buying power.
  • July 2012:† NextGen Equity, a smoother ride

    Designed for investors who want the long-term return potential of equities Ė but with a less volatility, Amundiís new innovative offer could be a solution to this problem. Find out more...
  • June 2012:† Target Japanese opportunities!

    At the Citywire springtime event for fund managers and selectors, Hiromitsu Kamata, manager of Amundi Funds Equity Japan Target and Pierre Gielen, Investment Specialist, explained how the last two decades of Japanese market neglect's have brought a field of opportunities. They also describe the investment philosophy of this sub-funds.
  • June 2012: Caution but with optimism

    In this new video interview, Didier Borowski, Head of Strategy and Economic Research tells us about the macroeconomic scenario. He also gives an update on the sovereign bonds situation and provides advices on diversification of fixed income risk.
  • May 2012: Luxury & Lifestyle, a luxury you can afford

    Rewarded by the Lipper Funds Awards 20121, Amundi Funds Equity Global Luxury And Lifestyle allows investors to benefit2 from the resilience of this flourishing sector boosted by the growing demand of emerging markets.
    1. Lipper is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information that you obtain from Lipper. In addition, Lipper will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from information obtained from Lipper or any of its affiliates. © Thomson Reuters 2012. All rights reserved. The rating concerns the AU class. Data as at November 2012. Past performance does not prejudge future result, nor is it a guarantee of future returns.
    2. The sub-fund has no guaranteed performance. The sub-fund does not offer any capital guarantee.
  • April 2012: Is the market rebound sustainable?

    Since the beginning of this year, financial markets have experienced renewed optimism. Philippe Ithurbide, Global Head of Research, tells us about the risks surrounding the rebound.
  • March 2012: Why is the US bond market attractive?

    Despite the crisis in Europe, US bonds are still attractive. Heinrich Riehl, product specialist at TCW, explains how to benefit from the opportunities in this market.
  • March 2012: Credit Outlook

    Is it too late to capture the growth trend of credit? Marie-Anne Allier, Head of Euro Aggregate Bond Management at Amundi, tells us just why this asset class remains attractive for investors.
  • November 2011: Rediscover the attraction of convertibles bonds

    Convertible bonds have come back into fashion for good reason: the hybrid nature of this asset class makes it the ideal solution for the current environment. AA-rated investment manager by Citywire, Pierre Luc Charron and Investment Specialist, Julia Kung, tell us how this asset class has changed for the better in recent years.
  • September 2011: Volatility Strategies

    More and more investors are choosing volatility as an asset class due to its negative correlation with stock markets and the medium to long-term returns it generates. Gilbert Keskin, Co-Head, Volatility, Arbitrage & Convertible Bonds, talks through the strategies and performance of our volatility product range and outlines how Amundi adapts its strategies according to the market context.
  • May 2011: In search of Absolute Return in Unstable Markets

    The market remains in an uncertain situation, making Absolute Return strategies all the more interesting. In this video interview, Julia Kung, Product Specialist in Equity Strategies, and Thierry Lebaupain, High Yield Manager, explain the differences between Long/Short Equity and Long/Short High-Yield management, and how it could evolve in forthcoming months.
  • April 2011: Events in Japan: Impact on commodities portfolio management

    The recent events in Japan are likely to have an impact on the hard commodities market. In this video, Anne Ruffin, Head of Global Commodity Equities, describes the impact on prices as well as supply and demand factors. She also talks about her outlook for gold and how she is making tactical allocation decisions in the wake of these exceptional events.
  • February 2011: Can emerging markets keep on giving? - Part II

    Outlook in 2011: This shift in investor interest towards emerging markets begs the question as to whether the emerging world can cope with the surge in inflows and whether investors can expect to seem the same returns on their investments in 2011. In the second of this two part series, Patrice Lemonier, Head of Emerging Market Management at Amundi explains that, when approached with the right skill and selectivity, the emerging world still has a lot to offer.
  • January 2011: Can emerging markets keep on giving? - Part I

    Two years on from the financial crisis, emerging markets continue to fair better than the developed world. In the first of this two part series we ask Patrice Lemonier, Head of Emerging Market Management at Amundi, whether in this new era we can still refer to these booming economies as "emerging".
  • November 2010: Currency wars - with challenge comes opportunity

    Currency tensions have been a hot topic in recent months. James Kwok, Head of Currency Management Amundi London, explains why continued Forex market volatility could be good news for the adept investor.
  • October 2010: Emerging Market Debt, an asset class to be reckoned with

    Despite the recent surge of interest in Emerging Market Debt, the full potential of these markets remains untapped. Sergei Strigo, Head of Emerging Market Debt Management at Amundi, tells us just why Emerging economies remain attractive and should continue to perform well.
  • September 2010: Is Volatility here to stay?

    In a context characterised by high levels of equity market volatility, Julia Kung, Volatility Product Specialist at Amundi, explains how to benefit from the current environment and gives us an outlook on the next few months.
  • August 2010: Volatility, an original source of performance

    Although volatility is traditionally considered as a risk indicator, a measure of an assetís variability, today it can be used as an engine of performance, in the same way as other asset classes. Based on this conviction, Amundi has been exploring and tapping the opportunities of this market for over ten years.
  • July 2010: A unique approach to Emerging Markets with Emerging Internal Demand

    An active management to benefit from emerging countriesí growing internal demand in terms of household consumption and internal investments, including infrastructure development.
  • June 2010: Inflation to curb Emerging Asia's growth?

    Rising inflation due to countercyclical policies implemented in India & China begs the question "Is the remarkable growth rate that Emerging has enjoyed for the last quarter century sustainable?" Ray Jovanovich, CIO of Amundi Asia, presents his outlook for two of the fastest growing Asian economies.
  • May 2010: Taking Advantage of Volatility

    Having fallen quite steeply over the last 12 months, volatility has returned to the forefront of the stage as market uncertainties continue to concern investors. Alexandre Drabowicz, product specialist and spokesperson for the Volatility Team at Amundi, gives us a brief outlook on volatility for the months to come and tells us how to take advantage of volatility in different market conditions.
  • March 2010: 2010: A perspective from Emerging Markets

    30/06/2010 - Is it too late to capture the growth trend of emerging markets? Patrice Lemonnier, Head of Emerging Market Equities at Amundi, tells us just why Emerging economies remain attractive and should continue to perform well.
  • March 2010: Lost in the market? Get a MAP!

    Amundi Funds Multi Asset Protected is a diversified sub-fund based on a systematic management process. It aims to capture medium / long term trends amongst major asset classes while also ensuring permanent partial capital protection.